Bri Silvereye


Bri is a Halfling with silvery grey eyes, and a wicked grin that rarely shows if there isn’t gold involved. He keeps his longish brown hair tied back, out of his face. Finally he is never seen without his silver-furred weasel, Silver, who typically perches on Bri’s head or shoulder.


Bri is a capitalistic Halfling who absolutely adores making bargains and managing funds. He and Silver have been partners since Bri chose him at the age of 6, and Silver even helps Bri to run his adventuring gear shop, The Silver Weasel. Bri is typically fairly cheery but found himself completely broke after the Council of Wyrms leveled Starfall city, now he mostly crys to himself with Silver about how they are going to manage in life.

Quote: Aikmenos- “You can have one magic item.”
Bri- “Make it four and you’ve got yourself a deal.”

Bri Silvereye

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