Denis Howlanger


An old man with an immense beer gut. Typically seen wearing a green tunic with a brown vest and trousers. Neck-length, swept back, white hair. His left eye is always squinting to the point it’s nearly closed and his right is a cerulean blue.


Denis Howlanger is the owner of the Reeky Rat bar. A low-class man who likes to entertain the idea that he knows most things about the world. He was recently helped out by a group of adventurers and a run of bad luck for his competitors, allowing him to open a second Reeky Rat in Northwick city, despite being known for customers finding actual rat droppings in their drinks. Denis can typically be found behind the counter of the Reeky Rat and usually has his serving Kobold, Olp, with him.

Quote: “Denis knows.”

Denis Howlanger

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