Malak "Darkrider" Magcain (Deceased)


Malak stood about 6’ tall, with horns that went straight back, and pitch-black hair let grow loose and wild. His red skin, tail, and horns denoted him as a Tiefling, but by far his most distinguishing feature were his eyes: entirely gold. There was no pupil, iris, just gold, it was both enthralling and unnerving.


Malak was a troubled individual who grew up being raised to believe he and his cousin, Marik, were to be the saviors of their entire nation. As they rose to prominence within their noble houses a war broke out with the Elf Queendoms. During this long and bloody war an plague ravaged the nation of Atchar, Malak’s home. It was at this point the 10 noble houses realized they were going to fail unless they took drastic measures, so they made a deal with a devil known as Pactmaker and turned all the citizens of Atchar into the first Tieflings. Eventually Marik disappeared when searching for a way to reverse the transformation and finding him had become Malak’s sole goal in life.

Quote: “If you stand aside I will take what I need, and no one needs to be hurt.”

Malak "Darkrider" Magcain (Deceased)

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