Pelaios Rulio


Pelaios has purple eyes and generally keeps his black hair close-cropped. He looks nearly identical to his twin brother, Therai. The main difference being that he doesn’t always keep alcohol handy.


Pelaios’ life was changed after meeting Merelda Magcain, the love of his life. Despite his older brothers’ death Pelaios couldn’t bear not being in Merelda’s presence and so began accompanying her on journeys. The two eventually fell in love and for the first time in his life Pelaios was headed in a positive direction, his drunk of a twin being a glaring example of what his life could have become he continued striving forward. In fact despite being a 50 year old man Pelaios fancied himself to be an adventurer up until the death of his wife in the leveling of Starfall by the Council of Wyrms.

Pelaios Rulio

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