Therai Rulio


Therai Rulio is a 5’10" Tiefling with purple eyes and hair grown long into a ponytail. He usually wears the dark colors of a rogue, despite no longer being an adventurer. He looks almost identical to his twin brother, Pelaios, except Therai almost always has a bottle of booze in hand.


Therai had great potential to be an adventurer after meeting Merelda Magcain in his youth. He was full of wit and life, and a devotion to those he considered his family (his 3 brothers and Merelda). After his older siblings, Aikmenos and Kairon, perished in the first attack on Starfall (by Thrask) Therai quit adventuring and took up drinking as well as sleeping around. He continued being an alcoholic and slut until his twin announced Therai was to be an uncle. At this point Therai cleaned up slightly, but remains a bit of a drunk with not much to do in life once his niece and nephew grew up.

Quote: “Aster, you stay here. I don’t want to be accidentally blown up.”

Therai Rulio

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