Cuffs Alister


Cuffs Alister is a blonde-haired, blue eyed human, with a smile that could pierce hearts. Never seen without his signature silver cuffs, Alister is also usually seen wearing Ragger green and accompanied by an entourage of Raggers.


30 years ago when the original Heroes of Starfall began adventuring Cuffs had recently started his gang, the Raggers, to help protect the citizens of Ragmarket by killing members of other gangs and even guards who hassled the poor commoners. Cuffs and the Heroes partnered for a short stint in order to help each other gain information on a string of murders taking place throughout the city. As an over 40 year old man, however, he changed the Raggers from a force of violence to a force of community service who committed the occasional act of crime to fill their coffers. Cuffs eventually married his second in command, Cat Tyburn, who perished in the Council of Wyrm’s leveling of Starfall city along with the entirety of the Raggers. He has sworn to take vengeance on the dragon’s and rider’s any form he can.

Cuffs Alister

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