Estelle Var Emerys


Estelle Var Emeries is a smouldering temptress with midnight black hair, golden serpentine eyes, and bronze skin so beautiful it seems to glow. She is never without a glass of wine, a good book, or research documents. She always seems to be atop the fashion game among nobles with clothing made by the great fashionista, Vazima.


Estelle is a noble from a far-away land who comes to Starfall during semester to teach Draconology and History to the college. She is a very open and loving person once you move past the initial fear of this near-godlike woman’s looks. Estelle also loves to travel and see the world, just like her father mother and uncle before her. Lastly Estelle is the ultimate culmination of two noble bloodlines, the Cousland and Var Emeries families, and as such has many resources and tools at her disposal.

Quote: Jack- “Taking on six dragons is hopeless and pointless.”
Estelle- “Well you know, Jack, you can leave if you’d like.”

Estelle Var Emerys

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