A Drow mercenary trying to right his wrongs.


Ishmael is a dark elf of muscular build and somewhat short stature. He has long white hair always pulled back in the field. He has onyx black skin, and is usually dressed in green clothes and studded leather. He uses a long sword in one hand, and a scimitar in the other. Ishmael is quite handsome despite being very scarred. Ishmael is of indeterminate age.


A Drow who travels under many aliases, not much has been divulged to the resistance in terms of who Ishmael is, or if that is even his real name. All that is known is that he was hired by Estelle Var Emerys for the duration of five years in the service of the rebellion. He has also admitted to being a vampire as well as being sent to spy on Manlubank. He is the leader of the Quiet Fox brigade.


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