Ral Zarek


To say the least Ral is interesting looking. A Half-Elf with silver, spiked up hair. Ral has eyes that glow with white light. He has a tattoo of a blue dragon curling up his left arm, and wears strange, scientific apparatus on his back. He’s almost never seen without a book in hand.


Ral Zarek’s past is shrouded in obscurity, however he is an incredibly intelligent individual who is the constant pursuit of knowledge. As the Will of the Firemind he had access to all knowledge held within the Izzet College for Wizards and was even the most esteemed professor within its halls. Failing to be the best in only two subjects, History and Draconology, both taught by Estelle Var Emerys. His greatest accomplishment being his invention of the first chronomancy spell. After the recent destruction of Starfall city Ral Zarek has disappeared.

Quote: Tactician- “Wait, if our bodies are here doesn’t that mean we lost?”
Ral- “Don’t worry, I’m sure you all will do much better this time.”

Ral Zarek

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